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Indian pop artist, songwriter and Bollywood singer Armaan Malik is among the latest to join the list of musicians on the Mindset audio platform, detailing personal stories and learnings through 11 voice-only episodes available to stream via the application.

The hitmaker “Control” and “next 2 me” is also known for his work on Bollywood and other soundtracks in the film music industry, including “Jab Tak” (from the sports biopic MS Dhoni: The Untold Story) and “Pehla Pyaar” (from Kabir singh). In his Mindset collection, Malik talks about his fans, finds his voice, overcomes lows and more. He said in a statement: “I have never been so open or vulnerable in my life, but I am delighted that everyone is hearing about my life and how I got to where I am today. I really hope that with my mindset, listeners will have the courage and motivation to find their passion and pursue their dreams.

While these aren’t exactly the star’s new revelations – from replacement in Bollywood projects to conversations with his father, veteran songwriter Daboo Malik on Hindi vocals – intends to talk about the point. Lessons View makes Malik’s audio episodes insightful. He says in one episode, “One of my lowest moments of my career, I think, was when I got replaced in quite a few songs from Bollywood movies. […] It doesn’t do any good at all because you’re of a certain caliber because you’ve accomplished certain things in your career. And then obviously when people call you they know the kinds of things you can deliver. But even when you are delivering your 100%, there are some things that are beyond your control. And you can’t really know why it got replaced or anything. But it just happened back to back. Like, so many of my songs just got replaced and at that point I was like, when I walked into a studio, I would ask the main guy over there directly, “Is this going to be replaced?” ? Because I prefer not to sing.

In a new clip from the audio collection which you can hear below, Malik talks about his return from Berklee College of Music after graduating and advising Malik senior on the path to success as an artist in India.

Mindset was launched earlier in 2021 by DIVE Studios in Los Angeles, founded by brothers Eric Nam, Eddie Nam and Brian Nam. Other artists sharing their stories on Mindset so far include rapper-songwriter Amine, K-Pop artist Jae of Day6, singer-songwriter Maggie Lindermann and jxdn aka Jaden Hossler.

The Mindset app is available for download from the iTunes and Android app stores, with the intro and first episodes of each Mindset Collection and all Booster episodes available for free. Each complete collection is available for purchase at $ 24.99, unlocking access to exclusive and candid discussions.



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