Glacier Bay Books launches independent manga collection Glaeolia 3 and licenses 2 other collections – News


Company grants licenses to Umi Kusahara Mothers, ByÅ« Kijitori’s One Hundred Views of Reality: The Collected Short Stories of Kijitori Byu

The American online bookstore Glacier Bay Books announced on Twitter on Friday that its Glaeal 3 The indie manga collection will be available for pre-order on October 15. The company also announced that it had fired Umi Kusahara Mothers collection of independent manga and Byū Kijitori One Hundred Views of Reality: The Collected Short Stories of Kijitori Byu.

Glaeal 3 will feature 13 authors who include:

wadachizu painted the cover of the collection.

Glacier Bay Books has already published the first volume of its independent manga anthology series Glaeal in May 2020 and Frozen 2 November 30.

Glacier Bay Books will publish the Mothers collection of independent English manga in digital and print form in Q2 2022. The collection will consist of 11 stories and approximately 200 pages.

Glacier Bay Books describes the collection:

“Mothers” is a collection of 11 heartfelt stories exploring the emotionally charged nature of human relationships and the process of both giving and receiving love.

Kusahara is a freelance illustrator and manga creator who publishes his own works.

Glacier Bay Books will release the Kijitori collection tentatively titled One Hundred Views of Reality: The Collected Short Stories of Kijitori Byu in the fourth quarter of 2022 in digital and print form. The collection will consist of approximately 300 pages with stories such as “A Long Stay”, “BYTE” and “A Country Called America”.

The company describes Kijitori’s style as combining “surreal and sometimes humorous situations with an abstract subject matter and a simplified line.

Kijitori’s self-published manga collection Zenbu Toku ni Atta won the jury’s selection for the 20th Japan Media Arts Award.

Glacier Bay Books also announced that Yumi Tada‘s The mermaid and the prince manga is available for pre-order. The print version will ship in November and the digital version will be available on October 23. The company announced the license on July 30.

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