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Two musicians from Tennessee are enjoying immense success in the independent recording industry, ranking a No.1 hit and two other songs in the top 10.

Curt and Brayden Ryle are father and son.

Brayden is Male Vocalist of the Year at the 2021 Josie Music Awards. He has two songs that are hitting the charts in Europe, Asia, Texas and many other independent music markets around the world. “I’d Have Never Met You” and “Pray” are recently released tracks. “Pray” hit number 1 and the other is climbing.

Her father currently has song # 5 with “Unjustifiable Homicide”. Brayden writes lyrics with his father, a seasoned multi-instrumentalist to mega-musicians Mel Tillis (“Heart Over Mind”), Taylor Swift (“Blank Space”), Charlie Daniels (“The Devil Went Down to Georgia”), Ray Price (“For a good time”), George Jones (“He stopped loving her today”) and Vern Gosdin (“It pretty much does”).

“I would never have met you” was written while the father and son were shopping.

“We were just walking down the aisle and he said, ‘Hey, daddy, what do you think of that line: What if I hadn’t been to the store that day.’ I came back with: “What if my truck broke down on the way?” Said Mr. Ryle.

“We would do the grocery shopping, exchange verses, and share each other. I’m sure people thought we were crazy, ”Mr. Ryle said with a laugh.

“Brayden is really on fire right now. It burns the charts.

Change paradigm

Mr. Ryle is an accomplished Chickasaw musician. He has spent over 30 years performing and recording with country music royalty.

When the tour finally took its toll, he founded Big Matador Recording Studio and Black Ribbon Records, hired outstanding musicians to record songs for emerging talent, and helped release those records on independent labels.

Of course, the hope is that the talent will be strong enough to attract contracts with major record companies, such as RCA, Warner, Columbia and Sony.

However, after years of producing IndieXpress music, Mr. Ryle’s record company and recording studio are on the verge of becoming a major record company.

“My business is growing. The way music is recorded, promoted and sold is completely different from 30 years ago. Today, most recordings are sold online through companies like Amazon, CDBaby, Apple and many more. You can download a song or an artist’s entire repertoire, ”explained Ryle.

“Consumers can listen to song clips, decide what they like and buy with the click of a button. “Gone are the days of you hopping in your car and going to a record store. Of course, you can always buy an artist’s full CD, but consumers are smart. Before, you had to buy the entire album or CD. Now you can buy one song at a time and compile your favorite songs on a computer or Spotify, or burn them to a disc or USB drive, ”said Mr. Ryle.

“Cars don’t even have CD players anymore. “

The music business

Mr. Ryle does not hire accountants to follow the radio broadcasts. He doesn’t pay a public relations team. Its advertising budget is zero. He doesn’t have these things because online businesses keep track of everything.

Basically a check shows up in our mailbox once a month, ”Mr. Ryle said. “Brayden got a really good check the other day for ‘Pray’. “

One thing Mr. Ryle pays great attention to is music publishing – securing the copyrights, sheet music, and use of songs.

The importance of controlling copyright became evident 36 years ago when “King of Pop” Michael Jackson purchased the Beatles songbook catalog. He allowed companies to use Beatles songs in advertising, which Beatles bassist Paul McCartney claimed the group would never have allowed.

How important is the publication? In 1985, Jackson purchased the catalog for $ 47.5 million. Sony bought it from Jackson’s estate in 2016 for $ 750 million.

“Publishing is everything. This is one of the reasons why we recently offered a songwriter conference for independent artists to learn the craft, from writing a quality song to copyrights to writing a song. editing. It not only helped the artists, it was a huge success. We did a concert on the last night with all the musicians recording for me. Brayden put on a great show as well. It’s the first time I’ve performed on stage for a long time. I was surprised how much I missed it, ”said Mr. Ryle.

Like father, like son

Born in Duncan, Oklahoma, Mr. Ryle began singing on a local radio show at the age of 8. He started touring when he was in high school. “I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember,” he said.

In his mid-twenties, Mr. Ryle moved to Nashville to work with Mel Tillis. Brayden Ryle recorded his first original song, appeared in his first music video, and booked concerts at the age of 6.

Now he is 15 years old.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of Brayden,” his father said. “He’s a good young man. His music keeps getting better. His live performances are energetic and entertaining. He brings down the house. He has toured New York, Auburn University and other venues since he was 6 years old. He’ll jump on stage, throw his fist in the air and put on a show. He is a born artist.

“During the songwriters conference, I felt a little less polite on stage than before the pandemic,” Brayden said. “I wasn’t on stage as much as I would have been, and I could tell the difference.”

It may change.

As the nation slowly emerges from COVID-19 restrictions, Brayden plans to take a tour. Times are not yet available, but her father is hoping it will be in early 2022. Brayden is causing a stir on YouTube. Her collaboration with fellow Big Matador Recording artist Jadyn Rylee has stunned music industry professionals.

Rylee’s original song “Only You”, which stars Brayden, has garnered 5.7 million views on YouTube. The clip was produced in 2017 when he was 11 years old.

From country to rock’n’roll, pop and even a bit of hiphop, you can see Brayden’s rise in the music world from the age of 6 until now. Moreover, you can appreciate the musical talent and songwriting skills of his father on YouTube.com.

Brayden is in the second year of high school. He graduates in 2024 and intends to continue his musical career. Young Chickasaw is pragmatic, however. “I can’t think of doing anything other than music, but I plan to go to college,” he said.

In the YouTube video “Pray”, Brayden sings about “driving my old Chevrolet truck on an old dirt road”. It’s funny because with a recent royalty check, Brayden became the proud owner of a 1991 Corvette ZR1, according to Mr. Ryle.

“It’s like brand new. It has only 24,000 original miles. “He’s doing pretty well for a child. “



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