Epic Games acquires indie music platform Bandcamp


Epic Games buys the independent music platform band camp.

According to the head of the company announcementwhile Epic Games will indeed integrate Bandcamp into its portfolio, Bandcamp will continue as its own entity after the acquisition.

epic games’ blog post detailed the company’s position on this, stating that Bandcamp would play “an important role in Epic’s vision to create a creator marketplace ecosystem for content, technology, games, art, music , etc.”. With that in mind, Bandcamp should continue to operate as a “self-contained marketplace and music community” while leveraging Epic Games’ resources to develop and add new features.

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On the artist side, Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamond wrote an ad on its own to allay fears that the platform’s core services are changing. He confirmed that they’re “not going anywhere”, assuring users that instead the team will “continue to build Bandcamp around our artist-driven revenue model”.

“You will still have the same control over how you deliver your music, Bandcamp Fridays will continue as planned, and the Daily will continue to showcase the diverse and amazing music on the site,” Diamond said.

Instead, the acquisition will supposedly materialize more as a partnership where the two brands will work together. The plan is to use the strengths of both companies to bolster development, including adding new payment options, live streaming, mobile apps, merchandise, and additional features.

In return, Epic Games receives the opportunity to further expand its role in the music space. Fortnite, easily Epic Games’ biggest title, has dabbled in additional musical elements for some now. With Bandcamp under its wing, we’ll likely see a logical evolution of this push soon enough.

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