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Independent music has grown to include so much. It’s not just music that comes out on independent labels, but it caters to an aesthetic that deviates from the norm and follows its own bizarre heart. It can take the form of rock, pop or folk music. In a sense, that says as much about the people who are drawn to it as it does the people who make it.

Every week Uproxx brings together the best new independent music from the past seven days. This week we received Ovlov’s highly anticipated new album, another new solo single from Eddie Vedder, and the official review of Big Thief’s upcoming double album. Check out the rest of the best new indie music below.

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Ovlov – Buds

Ovlov is a group group – one of those groups that you might not have heard of at first, but members of your favorite group probably likes. Connecticut’s last outfit effort Buds is their first full effort since 2018 Tru, and is composed of Ian Cohen described for Uproxx as “eight tasteful tattered songs that scroll in less than half an hour”.

Dan Campbell – The lives of others

Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years is no stranger to being someone else’s life – just listen to his character study project, Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties. Corn, The lives of othersCampbell’s first real solo outing is different, telling the stories of real people who have asked him to write songs for, or remember, their weddings. It’s an experience Campbell began at the height of the pandemic and has culminated in some of his most personal and touching work to date.

Eddie Vedder – “The Hateful”

Earlier this year, Eddie Vedder announced Earthling, his second solo album and his first since 2011 Ukelele Songs. Originally announced with no release date, Vedder has now said the album is officially due in February and has released a brand new single called “The Haves”. The new track “presents a piano and acoustic guitar base and becomes more and more grandiose as it progresses,” writes Derrick Rossignol for Uproxx.

Big Thief – “The Time That Slips”

Big Thief spent five months working on their new album, always moving between upstate New York, Topanga Canyon in California, the Rockies in Colorado, then Tucson, Arizona, trying to evoke different sounds and inspirations. We have already heard a few extracts from the resulting 20-track double album Dragon New Warm Mountain I believe in you, and “Time Escapeing” might be the most intriguing, as it “stepped outside the natural psychedelia of Topanga Canyon,” according to Adrian Spinelli for Uproxx.

Petey – “Perfect Teeth”

Just a few months after the release of his first album Bend over in life, Petey decided to add a new song at the end. “Perfect Teeth” is a minimal arrangement for piano and guitar that seems to fit perfectly into the overall themes and sound of the album. “It’s a song about accepting a dissociative state as a new normal and righteous with it,” Petey said in a statement.

Chatterbox – “Summerlin”

Talker’s new track “Summerlin” is a classic breakup song. It’s supposedly the fasting song that LA-based artist Celeste Tauchar has ever written, coming together in less than an hour as Tauchar reveled in constant reminders of the lost relationship. Sonically, “Summerlin” includes nothing more than a hi-fi acoustic guitar and Tauchar’s enveloping vocals, before more layers and soundscapes are added to continue to build the world of song. .

Ryan Pollie – “Outside of It”

Ryan Pollie’s new song “Out Of It” is a tribute to a lost time. Described in a statement as “a 1977 ELO-inspired adventure on New Love and the Rise of Angeles Ridge,” the song is built around a piano and string melody as Pollie sings in a falsetto. . The video also features Pollie signing next to a puppet, which was also “inspired by all the eras of the ’70s and’ 80s where rock stars sang a lot with puppets? Like super frequently!

Career Woman – “Not a Betty”

I really enjoyed the new Career Woman tracks, and “Not A Betty” might be the best of them all. The song is about Melody Caudill’s complicated relationship with identity, specifically the term “Betty”, which has been used to describe certain people throughout history (girl next door, skater, housewife), but still doesn’t feel like she describes Caudill perfectly. Built on catchy percussion and distorted guitars, the song and its story are very hard not to love.

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