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The entertainment industry has undergone a massive transformation over the past decade. Film reels have evolved into digital players, OTT releases have become the new normal, and most importantly, entertainment isn’t just about movies anymore. Music also broke the chains of cinema and independent music began to gain importance. The duo Vivek-Mervin are among the mainstream film composers to embrace this transition and come up with chartbusters like Orasaadha and Gaandu Kannamma. With their new single Pakkam Neeyum Illai also receiving the same kind of love, the elated composers promise that they will continue to produce independent numbers despite their cinematic commitments. “Independent music is our origin. We belong here. Returning to this space gives us additional happiness. Even before the release of our first film Vadacurry, we decided to create at least one independent song per year without any restrictions, ”explains Mervin.

Vivek believes that the last decade has marked the rise of independent music, and that it will soon take over from the movies. “Every movie that came out in the ’80s and’ 90s had six or seven songs. In fact, Indian cinema is built around such musicals. But now a lot of movies just stick to the background music and ditch the songs. The change has clearly started. He adds that the pandemic situation has accelerated this. “Many independent artists came out with their first singles during the lockdown. A good laptop, mic, and coin are all you need to deliver a hit song. If the Punjab can produce such volumes of independent songs, so can we. The audience started to kiss him. They just need to remember that independent music shouldn’t be compared to songs from movies. “

Vivek and Mervin’s journey began long before their film debut. Their bond is still strong and they continue to be one of the most successful duos in the industry. Mervin attributes this to their differences. “We have different points of view and ways of approaching things, which we combine to give the best. And while there is a lot of creative talk, there has never been an argument. As much as we know each other’s strengths, we also know our faults. I see this as our biggest advantage. Developing their work process, he says, “Every day we meet in our studio and create a music bank. Most of the time, the mood we start our day with determines the genre of songs we create. If we are angry with something, we create a High Octane Mavane; if we are in an offbeat state of mind, we do a Guleba. If it fits a particular scenario, we use it for a movie or keep it for our independent businesses.

Invariably, all of their hit numbers have a hook that becomes a major draw among audiences. Vivek says it’s not intentional. “I don’t think there is a formula for creating a hit song. Upbeat music or lyrics fit naturally into our work, we don’t expect it to. We stick to our instincts. Mervin adds that they treat every movie with equal importance, regardless of its star rating. “Just as the actors have to fit into a script, the music should also fit seamlessly into it. We hate to deviate from what a script requires just because it has a star. Everything must perfectly merge into one product. However, experienced stars like Dhanush or Prabhudheva can add a lot of value in their own way. Prabhu sir can accurately predict the reaction to a song in the theater and Dhanush has a clear view of what is expected in a song.

Although the duo have had several successful albums over the years, they are primarily considered urban composers. When asked if a folk album was on her wishlist, Vivek immediately said ‘yes’. “Rural music is actually next on our checklist. Sulthan will be our answer to that, ”he says, giving us a little taste of the Karthi-starrer’s music, which the team has otherwise been low key. Mervin adds: “Sulthan is an ambitious and special project for all of us. We are very careful not to spoil the audience’s experience by sharing details. But I can assure you it will be an unusual album and it will be a blast for the audience. ”



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