Divino Niño performs at Strummer’s with other independent artists


Chicago-based indie-pop band Divino Niño took the stage at Strummer’s on their second day of touring with Little Jesus and Tatiana Hazel on Sunday, September 11 at 7 p.m.

Lead singers Javier Forero and Camilo Medina met during their childhood in Bogotá, Colombia, until they met Guillermo Rodriguez, Pierce Codina and Justin Vittori, forming Divino Niño.

When asked where the band’s name came from, singer Forero said: “Eventually we were like, ‘What about baby Jesus, but in Spanish?’ and then it kind of stuck.

Spirituality is a major theme implemented in Divino Niño’s latest album “Last Spa on Earth”. Some members of the group shared their personal experiences and conflicts regarding religion.

“Me and Camilo grew up in this bigoted Christian church, and at one point we were like, ‘Man, this is kinda crazy.’ It was really hard to get out of it,” Forero said.

During the concert, the band performed “XO” from their latest album, which was meant to encompass the religious upbringing Forero and Medina underwent growing up.

The song features the band’s musical choice to infuse lyrics in both Spanish and English in an effort to include the culture of the band members in their music.

It’s not a new move by the band, which has incorporated Spanish into its music since its 2019 indie-rock album “Foam.”

Songs such as “Quiero” and “Maria” are just a few that are sung in Spanish.

Divino Niño also embraces his Hispanic culture through the influence of popular Hispanic musical genres.

“Tu Tonto” from the LP fuses both modern indie-rock and reggaeton, a dance genre popular in Latin America.

The leap from her previous album “Foam” to her latest LP is slightly different but welcoming, according to Forero.

“I think the previous albums [are like] doodling, and you kind of try to find your voice,” Forero said. “This

is a little closer to us to find our voice.

The group displayed that sense of confidence in their established sound throughout their performance, while co-headliner Tatiana Hazel completed the dreamy-pop atmosphere with songs such as “It’s All Right” and ” Hasta Que”, which also merge English and Spanish lyrics.

Mexico City-based alternative rock band Little Jesus wrapped up the event for the night, adding to the danceable Mexican indie-rock atmosphere while performing songs such as “La Magia and TQM” from their 2016 album ” Rio Salvaje”.

Hispanic and American indie-rock culture came together that night as each artist performed, bringing together both audience and band members across similar cultures and music.

This isn’t the first time Divino Niño has performed in Fresno, however.

Chicano psychedelic indie rock band Batman performed in May 2022 at the Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company in Fresno, and Divino Niño’s connections through their former label, Inner Wave, landed them the cover of the show. Chicano Batman.

“Yes, we always wanted to play together. I think they reached out to us and we managed to make it work,” Forero said.

It’s also not the last time they’ll visit Fresno, according to Forero.

“I’ve heard of Fresno but never been there. [With Chicano Batman] was my first time. Honestly, the people were so cool, they were so welcoming. I really like Fresno,” Forero said.

Divino Niño’s LP will be released on September 23, 2022.


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