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Indira Varma spends “a great time” on the set of the Disney + Star Wars production….

To this reader, the words “like an independent film” ring pleasantly in the ear. Sure, Star wars (1977) is perhaps the most recognizable “independent” film of all time.

Fortunately, according to Indira Varma, that’s exactly the feel of director Deborah Chow’s production of “Obi-Wan Kenobi” for Disney +.

Varma: “I can’t say anything about it …”

Star Wars actor Varma and Pedro Pascal on the set of Game of Thrones. Image: HBO

Varma, perhaps best known for her work on Game of Thrones, recently praised the work of Chow and fellow actor Ewan McGregor in a Q&A with UK metro.

“He’s such a beast, like an octopus that needs a fight but I’m having a great time,” she said. Metro Gabriel Tate. “Obviously I can’t comment on that, but director Deborah Chow and Ewan on the acting side kind of made it look like an indie movie.

“Everyone has a say, there is no unraveling anger.”

Image: HBO

Lock & LA

For fans awaiting Obi-Wan’s return in live-action adventures, this news is welcome.

Plus, after years of delays and speculation, the idea of ​​Kenobi continuing to make progress while filming in LA is a bonanza. Meanwhile, and speaking of food for body and soul, Varma admitted to trying sourdough baking and gardening during the pandemic.

Image: WestEndTheatre.com

But more recently, the actor has been rocking the waves in LA.

“I got up and rode the wave a few times,” Varma said. “Then as soon as I got back I slipped and hurt my knee so I haven’t since, which is heartbreaking.

“It could be a promising second career,” she said unmoved.

“Playing” as Princess Leia

Star wars
Image: Lucasfilm

You would think the lockdown also gave Indira some time to immerse herself in Star Wars lore.

Not enough.

“It’s brand new to me and really embarrassing,” she admitted. “I keep getting called on stuff.

“But I played Princess Leia in the playground when I was six without seeing her – I had long braids so I could do my hair.

“I’ve looked at all the old ones now, but I wouldn’t say I’m up to date,” Varma added. “I still don’t know what order they all go.”

That said, there’s a good chance that once Obi-Wan Kenobi airs, Indira and all of her castmates will know exactly where the series fits in Star Wars canon.



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