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Independent music has grown to include so much. It’s not just music that comes out on independent labels, but it caters to an aesthetic that deviates from the norm and follows its own bizarre heart. It can take the form of rock, pop or folk music. In a sense, that says as much about the people who are drawn to it as it does the people who make it.

Every week Uproxx brings together the best new independent music from the past seven days. This week we received the new album from Coldplay, the first official studio collaboration from Kevin Morby and Hamilton Leithauser, and another excellent post-punk track from Swedish band Makthaverskan. Check out the rest of the best new indie music below.

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Cold game – Music of the spheres

Coldplay, a band that we recently named one of the greatest bands of the 21st century in an episode of Indiecast, is back with his ninth studio album. Music of the spheres It’s what Caitlin White calls for Uproxx “dramatically a pop album, with features from massive pop artists like BTS and Selena Gomez positioned front and center. If you’ve been waiting to hear Chris Martin at his most maximalist, this is your chance.

Blackstarkids – Puppies forever

It’s been almost exactly a year to the day since I spoke with Blackstarkids about their first release with the new label Dirty Hit. Now the Kansas City trio are back with a full album, Puppies forever, who continues on the path of showcasing all of their diverse musical interests to achieve something truly unique and remarkable.

Another Michael – Unplugged music and big sessions

Another Michael New music and great pop is one of the best independent albums of the year, and the band is never giving up. The new version of the compilation Unplugged music and big sessions brings together demos, previews and live sessions that document the band’s entire creative process and give a good overview of the many iterations of this batch of songs.

Damon Albarn – “The Tower of Montevideo”

After spending the last few years immersing himself in his band Gorillaz, Damon Albarn is now turning to solo music, preparing to share a new album titled The closer the fountain, the purer the stream in November. To accompany us until the full release, Albarn shared “The Tower Of Montevideo”, which features a basic drum machine rhythm that Derrick Rossignol notes for Uproxx “is complemented by a lush arrangement of synths, brass and piano”.

Sunflower Bean – “Baby Don’t Cry”

After a string of stellar releases in the late 2010s, Sunflower Bean kicks off the 2020s with “Baby Don’t Cry,” a brand new track that Adrian Spinelli describes for Uproxx as “a distinct reminder of the doo-wop trios of the ’50s on the song, but with a decidedly modern approach. Although the new song is not yet officially part of a new album, I hope there will be more new music from the New York trio soon.

Black Country, New Road – “Chaos Space Marine”

Seven-member London band Black Country, New Road are back with a highly anticipated new album titled The ants up there. Along with the album’s announcement, “Chaos Space Marine”, an exciting and unpredictable new single that Adrian Spinelli describes for Uproxx as opening up “with a cacophonically controlled saxophone, before unfolding into an exciting blitz. of violin, piano and drums “.

Kevin Morby and Hamilton Leithauser – “Virginia Beach”

After covering each other’s songs and announcing a headlining tour together, Kevin Morby and Hamilton Leithauser have released their first original studio collaboration in the form of “Virginia Beach”. Described by Adrian Spinelli for Uproxx as “a welcome union for fans of the two artists,” the track features the best of both artists, although the Kansas City twang of Morby certainly takes the top spot here.

Makthaverskan – “Closer”

With their fourth LP For Allting Expected next month, Swedish post-punk band Makthaverskan have shared another single in the form of “Closer”. Like the songs that preceded it, “Closer” once again finds the group “[moving] in a more atmospheric and melodic direction, ”writes Caitlin White for Uproxx, which sets the bar high for perfect fall listening.

Rumblings – “I will follow you”

For the past year or so, Columbus, OH indie rockers Snarls have locked themselves in the studio with Death Cab For Cutie’s Chris Walla, creating their new EP. What about the flowers? Now the quartet is ready to give us a preview of the resulting music, and “I’ll Follow You” delivers on the high expectations. Full of heart and shimmering guitars, “I’ll Follow You” is about being afraid to love someone because of past relationship trauma.

Jim-E battery – “FFBH”

For his new EP, Jim-E Stack decided to give away free copies of the CD inside the vending machines. He also uploaded the gripping and exciting new track “FFBH” on streaming services for those (like me) who couldn’t grab a copy of. Promotional only in person last week, an attempt to tide us over until the rest of the EP drops.

Keep for cheap – “Segway”

The Minnesota Keep For Cheap Quintet proves they’re here to stay on “Segways.” Complete with twangy guitars and beautiful vocal melodies, the track revolves around aspirations to embrace and examine all aspects of life, and cements Keep For Cheap as a band to watch as they prepare for a new endeavor.

Some of the artists covered here are artists from Warner Music. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.


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