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A childhood passion for cinema inspired a group of budding Sevier County filmmakers to create their first independent film shot in their community of Seymour.

“Drafted” will screen at Governor’s Crossing in Sevierville at 7 p.m. on Sunday October 3. Tickets can be purchased at The $ 10 tickets will cover the cost of renting the theater.

The action-packed film begins in modern times but travels to futuristic battlefields.

“It’s about a kid named Derrick. It’s the year 2021. There’s a phenomenon sweeping the east coast of America… People are disappearing and no one knows why, ”said writer and director Josh Kandel.

The missing people have one thing in common: They are all young men between the ages of 18 and 25, seemingly pulled out of nowhere. Where they end up is in the future, faced with the moral dilemma of whether or not to join a futuristic battle in 2550. If they don’t fight, those who “drafted” them will surely die.

However, the film is not as straightforward as it sounds, as Kandel is inspired by filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, who is known for his twists and turns in his cinema.

“At the end of the film, everything falls into place,” cinematographer Isaac Kandel said.

The film began to take shape in February, when brothers Josh and Isaac Kandel and their friend Jonah Berry decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a feature film.

“We raised all the funds in one month. This is our first crowdsourcing project, ”said Josh Kandel.

With the $ 5,000 they raised and a small cast and crew, they filmed the film in late May and through June, and final production is still underway.

The Kandels began their love of filming 10 years earlier, their creativity spiked when they moved for a short time from this region. They made a short film with friends to remember each other.

“We started when we were kids and gradually got better,” said Isaac Kandel. “I find it really nice to work with my brother on this type of project because it was really that kind of team effort.”

“We started Drafté in March, but I would really say it was the culmination of everything over the past 10 years that made all of this happen.”

Josh Kandel came up with the story for Drafted, writing it in March. Isaac Kandel filmed and is editing the film, and Jonah Berry co-directed the film with Josh. All music composed for the film was by local composer Elijah Helmandollar.

The three grew up together, attending Seymour Schools.

“I really appreciate that they let me in and work with them. I love this job that we have to do, and I am excited about the future projects. We’re working on the one we’ve written together now, ”said Jonah Berry.

The trio are proud of what they created on a low budget and as their first full-size movie.

“Together we made a really fun and exciting movie in my opinion and we are delighted to show it,” said Isaac Kandel.

“It sounds like a theater,” Josh Kandel said.

Filming took place over four days and was made locally in Seymour on farms owned by the Trentham and Creswell families.

“They had a nice lot for the shoot. It was very picturesque, ”said Isaac Kandel.

If they sell more tickets than expected, the guys will consider adding additional screenings to the film.

The cast and crew will all be there for people to meet at the event on October 3rd.

“It will be kind of a red carpet event,” said Isaac Kandel.



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