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News: comedians star in new film on indie music scene

Comedians Richard Herring, Nick Helm and Alan Francis are part of the cast of a new film set in the world of 2000s indie music called Giddy Stratospheres.

The directors describe the film like this: “Daniel and Lara spiraling through the center of the storm and shattered glass that was the indie music scene of the 2000s. They don’t miss a gig. They don’t miss a beat. After the joy. furious to dance the night away, darker spells looming How far can they push, when they don’t want the night to end?

At 6 a.m., they come out of an after party to go straight to the funeral of Lara’s grandmothers. Lara hasn’t slept and holds a poem she wrote when she was 10 years old. Daniel desperately wants Lara to remember the events of the night before. Why is she in denial?

“Giddy Stratospheres” is a love song at an incredibly special time for music and chaos. A story of furiously loyal friendship and wild, animal expression. A film dressed in a beret, pencil skirt and black eyeliner, dancing to the soundtrack of the best indie tunes from the Noughties. “

The film is written and directed by Laura Jean Marsh who directed indie punk band Screaming Ballerinas and stars as Lara in the film. Jamal Franklin plays Daniel.

Herring plays Murray, the father of Lara’s obsessed showbiz – and also the father of Nick Helm’s character, Tim. Herring, who is only 13 years older than Helm, says: “I’m sure they’re going to have to age me a lot. ”

The title comes from a song by The Long Blondes written by Dorian Cox.

The UK release date is currently February 2, 2021.

Watch the Giddy Stratospheres trailer below

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