City Lights: Capitol Hill Books co-owner releases debut album


The exit of failed poets The death of the novel

Kyle Burk, co-owner of Capitoline Hill Books, began to write “haphazardly” songs near the start of the pandemic, mainly to make his girlfriend laugh. After writing enough songs to make an album, he said it was hard to find a good but affordable studio in DC. His bookstore having been closed for 14 months, he decided to register there. The rest is history of music. Burk’s first publically released album, The death of the novel, to hit Social media January 3 under his pseudonym, The Failed Poets. While he didn’t intend the song’s lyrics to be poetry per se, he was trying to shed light on how many people can fail in their literary ambitions. “A lot of songs, at least the voices, I recorded in the poetry room of the bookstore … [The name, The Failed Poets,] came to me one day. He says DCist he was inspired both by the idea that modern music sees the “album death” as well as by DIY punk bands and DC rap artists. In the first song from his indie rock album, “Paperbacks & Pills,” he hums, “Take tramadol and get lost in the page / lately I’ve been feeling a lot, a lot older than my age / but everyone. world has to take its turn inside the cage sometimes / Oh, sometimes. But I’ll be fine. In a telephone interview with City paper, he says, “This song is about doing what you need to do to get out of this. It’s a tough time for people to be perfect during the pandemic.” When Capitol Hill Books was closed, he says it took comfort in books and reading, which can be seen in the various literary references found in his songs. “Autofiction” is a kind of French novelist Marcel Proust and Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgård and “everyone’s Instagram feed,” he says. Each song is layered like an onion. They are semi-autobiographical, he says. to listen The death of the novel to bandcamp. The album will soon be available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

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