Christina Chong | Indie film Transference goes viral on YouTube


The independent film “Transference” has gone viral on YouTube.

The film was written, directed and produced by Raffaello Degruttola and enjoyed unprecedented viewing figures of over 13 million on YouTube and continues to reach over 30,000 daily.

The film was produced by Degruttola production company Contro Vento Films and stars Lotte Verbeek, Christina Chong and Degruttola in the lead role of Nik.

The film follows a Norwegian nurse called Katrina (played by newcomer Emilie Sofie Johannesen), who works her new job in palliative care at a London hospital.

When she meets older nurse Nik, Katrina begins a passionate romance that eventually suffers the consequences of hidden mental health issues.

The “guerrilla-style” micro-budget film was shot with a small crew on the streets of London, with Degruttola often filming in his local neighborhood of Finchley and the homes of friends and family.

The filmmaker said: “The biggest motto for a creative is for people to experience and enjoy their vision and their work on a grand scale.

“Selecting YouTube as a viewing platform for ‘Transfer’ gave me so much satisfaction because my film was found and shared by so many – and it didn’t require huge budgets to get here.”

Verbeek added: “Money has never been a motivation when it comes to small projects like this. It’s all about the inspiration and the heart of the film. It’s inspiring to be at the level creative of storytelling.”


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