Butcher Cabin Books opens to large crowds and sold out inventory


Butcher Cabin Books, Louisville’s first Independent Horror bookstore, opened at 990 Barret Avenue on Saturday, October 15, to a line of people wrapped around the block. Throughout the weekend, owner Jenny Kiefer documented the events and aftermath.

By the end of their opening day, inventory was running low and with a large crowd showing up again on Sunday, October 16, their shelves were nearly empty.

LEO asked Butcher Cabin Books owner Jenny Kiefer about the weekend and, needless to say, they were taken by surprise and think it’s important to note just how much the horror genre is doing. part of readers.

Jenny Kiefer, author and owner of Butcher Cabin Books
LEO: Congratulations on the opening.

Jenny Kiefer: The opening support was superior to what we imagined. There was a line around the block. A friend waited in line for over an hour to get in and we had to stagger people for over three hours. I think there was maybe a five minute period where the store had no one around 5pm. Most of our new stock is sold out and we have started placing new orders, so hopefully this stock will ship to us soon! We are working to do what we can to put the books back on the shelves.

What makes Butcher Cabin so important to indie horror fans?

I think the horror community is a welcoming and supportive community. And they want it to grow. There are a lot of interesting releases coming off small presses that don’t have a place on the shelves of department stores or even sometimes general independent stores.

There’s not a lot of shelf space, and I understand that. But that’s why we’re here. To try to give space to these independent voices that are putting out a lot of amazing books.

What else have you planned?

We also want to be the home of unique events with authors and creators. Readings of course, but also live podcast recordings, horror music performances, film screenings (if we can partner up somewhere to host it), and more. We are always open to new ideas and collaborations.


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