Brooklyn’s Kota the Friend offers nearly 50 independent artists a platform to shine on stage in the United States, Europe and Australia


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New York City Kota the friend and his ®fltbys Music and Entertainment (Flight Boys) concert division has announced the lineup of Denver artists for the Flight Night Global Music Festival. Denver Flight Night will be held Friday, September 9, 2022, at Cervantes Masterpiece with Kota l’ami as headliner. Tickets are on sale now at

After selling out back-to-back nights in New York, ®fltbys has once again attracted top local hip-hop talent to celebrate good music and creative freedom. Kota has hand-picked Denver artists who will use the festival to speak directly to his rabid fan base, walking away with promising opportunities to advance their careers.

“Since 2008, we’ve been giving people the chance to get on stage, when no one else gave them the chance,” said Kota the Friend. “Flight Boys has always been a young company made up of people who just want to do something but don’t have a platform. This year alone, we will be giving over 50 independent artists a real platform where they can develop their careers. .

Kota added“As an independent artist, I know how difficult it can be to break into the music industry. You really have to grind it and no one is trying to put you on it. If I can help inspire artists and giving them a platform at the same time is a win.

Kota the Friend performing at Flight Night NYC

When asked what he thinks of A&R record company executives who come to his Flight Night events to scout for talent, Kota told us“we don’t mind labels sending their A&R teams to shows. It’s great. It’s up to the artist whether or not to go with a label or stay independent. I know the value of independence so I’ll always telling artists to try to stay independent, but it’s not for everyone. You have to really want it and be willing to sacrifice. When you do, that’s when you realize the value.

FLTBYS culture and Flight Night itself are celebrations of independence. Additionally, the brand has made it its mission to shine the spotlight on underrepresented independent artists at every stage of the festival. The festival’s two sold-out New York shows were career-changing opportunities for New York native musicians Sha Summers, Samuel Limata, Ace Clark, Hello O’shay, Iso Indies, Lizzy Ashliegh, Brianna Castro, Israel Autumns, Bungalow Collective and Ty Vybz.

Each artist took full advantage of their 15-minute spotlights, and Kota the Friend ended the evening with an exclamation point.

“One of the things I’m most proud of about this show is how all of the opening acts supported each other. We rooted for each other and found ways to help and encourage each other,” said Hello O’shay.

By the end of 2022, Kota the Friend will have given nearly 50 independent artists a platform on stage to showcase their talents. Flight Night has become the premier music festival to identify new talent.

Colorado and Kota have always had a special relationship, and the Brooklyn Lyricist’s most streamed song pays homage to its namesake.

fltbys announced the final list of artists who will open the show for Kota the Friend:

Whereas denver (Cervantes, 09/09/22) and Harrisburg (HMAC 11/11/22) are next, FLTBYS has announced international stops in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Australia and New Zealand.

Tickets for Denver Flight Night are on sale now and can be purchased at


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