Brodie Nero’s success is proof that the era all independent artists have been waiting for has finally arrived



Brodie Nero is a DJ, producer, who puts his soul in his art. The music I make has very ethnic / cultural sounds like Middle Eastern ones, I play a lot of Latin inspired music, tribal sounds of course. Thanks to its unique nature, Nero’s work has exploded in popularity today. As a freelance artist, Nero has complete control over his musical career, and he wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Music has always been Brodie Nero’s vocation. He went from a side hobby to a pursued career, although people told this artist he had to place a higher value on realistic goals rather than pursuing what he loved. However, Nero chose to listen to his instincts rather than outside voices. Like countless others trying to break into the music industry, he sent his demos to several labels. But when all the major labels turned it down, Nero decided to claim its own ownership and the bet was won.

Brodie Nero’s EP “Away” was recently remixed by acclaimed DJ and producer Zone + and hit the charts within days of its release. What makes this even more remarkable is that Nero became the only artist on the charts not represented by a label. This was a huge motivator for the beginning musician, who today calls for an era of independent artists.

Thanks to online streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud, Brodie Nero was able to reach an even wider audience with his music as a freelance artist. Today it is reaching a huge number of listeners on its own, making Nero the solid proof that independent musicians are finally entering the moment they have been waiting for.

It was high time that artists rather than labels had creative control over their own work. By pursuing his dream career on his own terms, Brodie Nero has set himself the goal of continuing his meteoric growth. Even if the big labels come knocking on the door in the future, it will be interesting to see if Nero opens the door or not.

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