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Resonating with music for all, Spotify is an influential audio streaming platform dedicated to supporting artists at all stages of their career by growing their industry connections, growing their fan base, promoting their new releases and increasing their visibility around the world.

Whether artists drop singles or EPs, the platform allows creators to be discovered by new fans through its personalized playlists. Additionally, it empowers local artists to effectively market their music through innovative tools like “Spotify for Artists (S4A)” which provides free real-time stats and helps artists better understand their listeners around the world.

The rise of indie

Seeing that Pakistani youth are hungry for new music, Spotify has embarked on a journey to amplify the evolution of music in Pakistan by championing a wide range of music genres like dance, electronic, rock, pop, hip-hop and more. In addition, the music leader has also focused on new voices emerging from the independent scene and making it easier for young artists to start their careers.

In the year since Spotify launched in Pakistan, we have seen independent music continue to grow exponentially. According to recent data from Spotify, 11% of Pakistani indie music is streamed in the US, and the genre has seen a 150% increase in global streams. These numbers show how Pakistani indie music crosses borders and connects with fans outside the home. Sonically, independent music is fluid and encompasses sounds from many genres and diverse artists, which facilitates the regional and global growth of independent music.

The sound of a new generation

The growing influence of Generation Z has increased the demand for independent music in Pakistan. Next-gen values ​​around content curation, experimentation, and collaboration drive the genre forward.

Playlists like “Pakistani Indie 101”, one of the most popular local playlists curated by Spotify over the past year, have played a role in connecting young artists with young fans. The playlist includes names from all over the country, including the new soul voice of Gilgit-Baltistan, Hasan Raheem, the talented Talal Qureshi, the sweet and melodious girl Zahra Paracha and many more. “Pakistani Indie 101” was the entry point for independent artists on Spotify to be discovered by fans around the world and a way for artists to experiment with their sounds while finding a place to get playlisted.

Indie’s rise was also evident in Coke Studio Season 14. As part of its partnership with Spotify, destination Coke Studio: Pakistan spotlighted local independent artists, including Hasan Raheem, Kaifi Khalil and Shae Gill, who captivated listeners with their dynamic performances.

The future of the genre

From singing in the basement to jamming with big names in the music industry, the new era of indie music is just beginning. Commenting on the future of indie music, Khan FM, who handles artist and label partnerships at Spotify, said, “We expect indie music to continue to encompass diverse sounds and visions of music. emerging artists. We also expect indie music to continue to foster experimentation and embrace its gender-nonconforming identity. More lo-fi, more brutality and cross-genre collaborations.

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