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Welcome to our latest Kemps in Malton reviews before Christmas. There are so many wonderful titles for the holiday season – great for giving and just as great for asking. So make sure everyone knows which books would be on your wish list this Christmas and take the stress out of shopping and avoid that Christmas gift disappointment.

As a guide, you might also be interested to know that our best sellers over the past four weeks have been these.

• In the Shadow Of Queens by Alison Weir – thanks to her appearance at the Milton Rooms a few weeks ago.

• My first green cookbook by 2019 Bake-Off winner David Atherton, who came to Malton to do some cooking at The Cooks Place, signed books and met young chefs.

• Windswept & Interesting – The new autobiography of Billy Connelly

• The Importance of Being Interested in Robin Ince which we reviewed last month and is a great read and a perfect gift for the non-fiction reader.

• A Year Unfolding: A Printmaker’s View, a mind-blowing gift book for lovers of art, nature and the work of Angela Harding

• The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music by David Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters

Thank you for continuing to support our independent bookstore and have a wonderful Christmas.

Silverview by John Le Carré

If it was already hard to imagine that there wouldn’t be another John le Carré novel, Silverview’s posthumous release makes it even more so. In what has been dubbed its “last complete masterpiece”, Le Carré gave its readers one last foray into the cat-and-mouse world of spying, and it’s a very enjoyable time. Le Carré’s familiar duality of style, both precise and ambiguous, accompanied by a plot infused with layers of hazy stories and dark characters establishes a safe position for Silverview on his list of great novels.

The context of the novel, established through a masterfully written interview scene, dates back to the Bosnian conflict and the Cold War and establishes the novel’s present action which revolves around three men. Julian is in his early 30s and is a former city trader who left London to pursue a more serious life as a bookseller on the East Anglian coast. Here he meets Edward Avon, a man who seems to offer several “irreconcilable versions” of himself, elusive but also a lingering presence in Julian’s new life. Edward has big ambitions for Julian’s bookstore and sets out to convert his basement into a “sanctuary” [dedicated] to the most demanding spirits of our time ”. Finally, there’s Stuart Proctor, a member of the Secret Intelligence Service who has been tasked with uncovering an intelligence leak. As Proctor draws closer to his man, it’s time to consider the moral implications of each character’s duty to their cause, played against their loyalty to those around them. The secondary cast of female characters brings color and depth to the novel, often helping to advance the plot even though none of them take center stage.

On one level, Silverview is a typical pursuer and chased spy genre novel. Le Carré’s skillful use of irony and conscious style allows the reader to see what lies ahead, albeit obscured. In that sense, we are entitled to another page turner full of suspense. However, the novels of Le Carré always go beyond their generic borders and Silverview offers us the work of a novelist at the end of his career and reflecting on his profession. This is another skillful work of fiction from one of the greatest writers of our time: highly recommended.

Published by Penguin Books Ltd ISBN 9780241550069 Hardcover £ 20

The Barn The Life, Landscape and Lost Ways of an Old Yorkshire Farm by Sally Coulthard

Local author Sally Coulthard is a bestselling Country Living writer and columnist who writes about the natural world and traditional rural life. She has published over 25 books on topics as diverse as sheds, sheep and snow, many of which have been translated into other languages.

In her latest book, The Barn, Sally unearths a myriad of hidden stories hidden within the four walls of this 300-year-old barn that stands on her tiny property. After discovering a collection of ancient prints considered to be witch marks, she sets out to study barn life through the changing circumstances of its long history. What she discovers is that the barn has played a vital role in all kinds of activities from its inception in the years of pen farming to the war years. The country’s rich history of agriculture, industry, transportation, medicine, and changing social attitudes all played out in the microcosm of the barn.

This unpretentious building becomes the touchstone of many forgotten stories in the rural North Yorkshire landscape, making this book a very interesting read for all of us who live nearby. The barn would be a perfect stocking filler for anyone who enjoys smart reading during Christmas time.

Published by Head of Zeus ISBN: 9781800240858 Hardcover £ 20

Little People, Big Dreams Treasury: 50 Brilliant Dreamers Stories

by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

One of the classic childhood Christmas gifts, a treasure is often a treasured keepsake on many shelves and there is often just as much fun in choosing the gift as it is in receiving it.

Opening up a whole world of people and ideas, Little People, Big Dreams: Treasury is a stylish and inspiring collection of biographies suitable for ages six and up to teens. The treasure includes icons and pioneers from all walks of life from the 1780s to the present day and includes all manner of creative, scientific, sporting and political figures. The theme that connects them all is their ability to dream and each biography shows how these people turned their dreams into reality.

For those looking for a modern twist to a classic Christmas present, this treasure will tick the box. Her simple yet striking, design-focused illustrations accompany truly inspiring biographies that will spark interest in any youngster, something they will return to and cherish for years to come.

Published by Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd ISBN: 9780711264168 Hardcover £ 28

How Winston Came Home For Christmas By Alex T. Smith

Christmas is fast approaching, and that can only mean one thing: the return of Winston, our favorite festive dormouse! After the series debut released last year, ‘How Winston Delivered Christmas’, Alex T Smith is back with an equally heartwarming sequel that will delight young and old alike throughout Advent.

Winston is on another thrilling mission, and after having a strange nostalgic experience and witnessing a blurry image of his mother, he just knows he has to solve this very curious mystery. Unsure of several details, and with only determination in his heart, he sets out, leaving behind his best friend Oliver, but ready to face any dangers that this task might entail. Follow the journey of our irresistible friend as he travels through Europe in envelopes and macaroon boxes, desperately searching for clues and making various wonderful friends along the way.

Cleverly constructed, the book contains 24 and a half chapters, serving as an extra advent calendar, and the perfect bedtime read. The fun doesn’t end there, as each chapter is followed by an exciting activity tied to the story itself – a perfect way to keep kids entertained throughout the Christmas holidays! Learn how to make a Christmas card with reindeer, practice some little acts of cuteness, and even find out how to say Merry Christmas in many different languages. With Winston, you never get bored, and there is no doubt that this beautifully illustrated and magical story will become a Christmas classic, cherished by families year after year.

Published by Pan Macmillan ISBN: 9781529041576 Hardcover £ 14.99



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