Beware of High-interest Fast Loans!

We are certainly very familiar with KTA or unsecured loans which are often an instant way to solve financial problems that occur suddenly. Such problems such as having to undergo health care, pay for education costs, or when needing capital injections when there are business opportunities that appear suddenly. Almost all banks in the country also provide this loan product. But now you have to be very vigilant if you want to apply for a KTA because illegal KTA has been circulating. The JK or the Financial Services Authority is also aggressively conducting outreach and outreach to the public to be aware of high-interest fast loans !

Irresponsible people generally offer this illegal KTA via sms by promoting that their loan product is a KTA with low interest rates and can be redeemed in a short time. Of course, this is just a trick to attract customers, even though the product is just a cover for fraud. Previously, it is necessary to know that KTA loan products issued by financial and banking institutions have obtained licenses from OJK. Credit or personal loan requirements are quite easy with the customer only need to submit a photocopy of ID card, fill out several forms, and submit a proof of receipt of salary.

In general, the KTA product itself does apply a higher loan interest rate when compared to a loan product with collateral so that the customer must have a sound financial plan if he wants to apply for this loan. This is certainly understandable considering that banks must minimize the risk of loss on loans without collateral.

Unfortunately the lack of financial literacy and information to the people in our country provides a loophole for many irresponsible people to commit fraud. There are various ways that they use to trap the public, including asking for administrative costs or handling large amounts of documents, lure prospective customers with small loan interest, and so on. The KTA fraud modes are carried out via SMS, website and email. Here are some precautions you can take so that you don’t become a victim of these KTA fraudsters.


Make sure the marketing staff and the institution

Once you get a KTA offer, ask the name of the marketer and the origin of the financial company that provided the loan. In general, the person concerned will give an answer by saying the name of one of the leading banks. Confirm this to the bank to be certain that the officer is indeed an active marketing force.

As a prospective borrower you are also entitled to make comparisons of several KTA products issued by financial institutions or banks. Choose carefully according to your needs and ability to pay installments. Pay attention to the interest rates on installments that you must bear. Do not be influenced by the intimidation of officers to approve KTA loan offers.


Pay close attention to procedures, rights and obligations

Pay close attention to procedures, rights and obligations

Before deciding to submit a loan proposal, first study your target KTA products, including applicable requirements that you must also fulfill your rights and obligations. Do not immediately be tempted by the amount of cash you will receive.


The KTA process does not require facilitation funding

If the officer who gives you the KTA offer requests additional funding so that your application for approval is approved by the bank, you should immediately refuse to deal with the person concerned because the product must be fraudulent. You need to know that in applying for an unsecured loan there are no facilitation or bribery fees. Our application will be reviewed by professional bank analysts and marketers cannot guarantee whether our submission will be approved. KTA marketers are only obliged to help prospective borrowers meet the required administrative requirements.

In general, the people who are victims of this KTA fraud are those who are in a state of financial crisis that is squeezing. Therefore, beware of high-interest fast loans even though you are in dire need of fresh funds so as not to cause new problems that can drag you into more severe financial difficulties. Be careful and always try to take preventative measures will help keep you from being trapped by irresponsible people. Well, hopefully useful!