Best New Indie Music This Week: Arctic Monkeys, The National


Indie music has grown to include so many things. It’s not just music that comes out on independent labels, but speaks to an aesthetic that deviates from the norm and follows its own quirky heart. This can take the form of rock, pop or folk music. In a way, that says as much about the people who are drawn to it as it is about the people who make it.

Every week, Uproxx rounds up the best new indie music from the past seven days. This week we received new music from Julia Jacklin, The National, Bon Iver, Stella Donnelly, and more.

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Julia Jacklin— Pre-pleasure

When Australian singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin started working on her third studio album Pre-pleasure, she was looking to stop feeling like she had to work on every aspect of her life and just enjoy it. This realization is woven through his 10-track LP, a witty and fun album that explores pleasure, limits and the art of finally living in the moment.

Stella Donnelly— Flood

Stella Donnelly is another Australian indie rocker who shared a full project this week. His second LP Flood follows his acclaimed debut in 2019, cementing his brand of conversational, upbeat music. The 11-track album features a mix of catchy and vulnerable indie tracks, proving its stardom is more than justified.

Giant Waste of Man — Biographer

LA-based band giant waste of man share their monumental LP Biographer. The atmospheric 12-track album deftly combines 90s indie and early emo influences while making sure to sprinkle in killer guitar riffs.

Elissa Mielke — Mouse

After making a name for herself with her debut EP in 2021, thrilling Canadian singer-songwriter Elissa Mielke releases the five-song EP Mouse. With swelling, sweet harmonies, vulnerable lyrics and Mielke’s vocals filling the room, Mouse showcases the musician’s delightful songwriting and ballad.

Arctic Monkeys – “There better be a mirror ball”

Arctic Monkeys have been touring across Europe, teasing new music live after the official announcement of their next album The car. Although the album announcement originally arrived without official music, the British band finally gave fans a taste of what to expect with the relaxing single “There Better Be A Mirrorball”. The song begins slowly with a languorous piano, clearly still inspired by their suave sixth album. Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. Finally, Alex Turner’s sultry lyrical delivery sings a melancholic love song.

The National – “Weird Goodbyes” Feat. Good Iver

The members of The National have kind of been doing their own thing lately; Aaron Dessner launched his producing career with Grammy-winning work with Taylor Swift, and Matt Berninger released a solo LP. But since The National is currently on tour, the band have shared a new single, Bon Iver’s collab “Weird Goodbyes.” The song is accompanied by a soft, rolling beat, as Berninger sings about letting go of the past and moving on, only to be overwhelmed by ulterior motives.

Whitney – “Memory”

Whitney regularly released pairs of dance-focused singles ahead of their next album, Spark. Their latest song, “Memory,” features pleasing piano keys and charming vocals, continuing the band’s signature upbeat instrumentals while listening to hits from their 2016 debut album.

Wild Pink – “Hold My Hand” feat. Julien Boulanger

After sharing the title track of the upcoming album ILYSM, Wild Pink teams up with fellow indie songwriter Julien Baker for the tender track “Hold My Hand.” Quiet and pastoral, the song features whispered vocals and elegant piano arrangements and points to what should be another rich and evocative release from the indie band. “I wrote this song right after my first operation, about laying on the operating table where a member of the surgical team held my hand right before I fell down,” the singer said. John Ross.

Tegan and Sara – “Faded Like A Feeling”

Tegan and Sara have a lot going on right now. They’re gearing up for a TV show about their lives, releasing a new album, and Sara has even just become a mom for the first time. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have new music to share. Sister Duo’s New Track “Faded Like A Feeling” Continues Their Catalog Of Ballads And Previews The Album crybabywhich should arrive at the end of October.

Magdalena Bay – “All You Do”

After making their well-received debut album Mercurial World last year, indie pop duo Magdalena Bay are gearing up for the deluxe release, including new track “All You Do.” More minimal than the songs on the original album, “All You Do” is a laid-back, cinematic taste of the duo’s captivating music.

Tenci – “Two Cups”

Chicago-based band Tenci captured hearts with their debut indie folk album of 2020 My heart is an open fieldand they are currently preparing the release of their second album, A flooded river, an overflowing well. Their new track “Two Cups” is sure to appeal to fans of artists like Buck Meek and Friendship, with vocalist Jess Shoman’s lyrical vocals layered over an electrifying array of fuzzy guitars.

Djo – “Understand yourself”

Actor/musician Joe Keery’s music project Djo is back with another vibrant track ahead of their upcoming album Decide. The song, titled “Figure You Out,” boasts silky smooth production and atmospheric ’80s-inspired synths that indicate a vintage-inspired LP.


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