Best New Independent Music This Week: Whitney, Djo, Alex G


Indie music has grown to include so many things. It’s not just music that comes out on independent labels, but speaks to an aesthetic that deviates from the norm and follows its own quirky heart. This can take the form of rock, pop or folk music. In a way, that says as much about the people who are drawn to it as it is about the people who make it.

Every week, Uproxx rounds up the best new indie music from the past seven days. This week we received new music from Khruangbin, Djo, Wild Pink, Alex G, and more.

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Florist — Florist

After teasing their 19-track self-titled album with a handful of singles, Florist’s ambitious full-length project is finally here. Although the tracklist is long, nearly half of its songs are instrumentals consisting of audio clips found like a chorus of crickets at night and soothing rain accompanied by acoustic guitar. Globally, Florist is an honest look at love, life and friendship accompanied by the sweet and heartwarming lyrics of singer Emily Sprague, proving that the folk rock genre is alive and well.

Wild Rose — “ILYSM”

After releasing A billion little lights, which was one of our favorite albums of the last year, Wild Pink is back – and they want you to know they love you very much. The new track “ILYSM” is coming on an upcoming self-titled album. Underlined by a catchy riff, the six-minute track glides through tender verses that present a vision of a moon-kissed night. “This song, like a few others on this record, takes place where I live and in the field next to it,” vocalist John Ross said in a statement. “A full moon will light up every room here in a way that I’ve never really seen and I feel like this song kind of wrote itself.”

Turnover – “Myself In The Way” feat. Brendan Yates

Have you ever confused the Turnover band with the Turnstile band? Well, now the two bands are adding to that confusion with “Myself In The Way,” a Turnover song that features Turnstile singer Brendan Yates. The single is the title track from Turnover’s fifth album and is a propulsive disco-tinged track imploring you to get up and move. “It’s about letting love lead the way despite your fears, not letting your doubts, your ego, your self get in the way,” Turnover frontman Austin Getz said.

American Girls – “So Typically Now”

Meg Remy’s music from American Girls is a masterclass in dance songwriting that carries sharp social commentary. And seeing as there’s been a lot going on in the world lately, it makes sense that the US Girls are coming back with some new music. Their latest track “So Tyly Now” is a synth track that takes aim at the cash-hungry real estate developers who are directly contributing to the housing crisis in many cities across the country.

Djo – “Dark”

Djo, the musical project led by stranger things actor Joe Keery, is back with another jam. Contrary to its title, “Gloom,” the new song is anything but dark. With a cheerful chorus and groovy synth, the song is accurately described in press materials as “talking heads inspired” thanks to a few screaming hard-rocking verses.

Palm — “Feathers”

Philadelphia-based band Palm are back with “Feathers,” marking the first single in four years for the math rockers. The song shows what Palm does best: combining offbeat samples that on their own would be shocking, but together can be pieced together into a messy yet melodic track. “Feathers” is the first single from the upcoming project. Nicks and abrasionswhich means there’s even more free-spirited music on the way.

Alex G – “Crossing the Sea”

Alex G tried something new with his next album god save the animals. And seeing as this is his ninth studio album, it only makes sense that Alex G would take things in a new direction. His latest track, “Cross The Sea,” shows off his experimental side, opening with washed-out, self-tuned vocals before the song picks up with a snappy, acoustic guitar-driven beat.

Khruangbin – “Savannah” feat. Old Farka Toure

After collaborating with Texas crooner Leon Bridgers, psych rock trio Khruangbin are gearing up for another joint project. In honor of Grammy-winning Malian guitarist Ali Farka Touré, Khruangbin teams up with Touré’s son, Vieux Farka Touré, for the album Ali. Offering a taste of the upcoming project, the band shares “Savanne,” a hypnotic, guitar-driven jam that samples Touré’s vocals.

Whitney – “Twirl”

After launching a new musical era ahead of their third studio album Spark, Whitney has expanded its catalog with the ultra-lavish title “Twirl”. Unlike their previously released single “Real Love,” the groove-focused “Twirl” takes things in a slower direction, crafting softly earth-shattering melodies over emotive piano chords.

2nd Grade – “Strung Out On You”

Five-piece band 2nd Grade had a breakout moment in 2020 when they released their debut LP Knock to knock, an album that lives up to its title. Now back with their new track “Strung Out On You”, 2nd Grade channels a washed-out 70s rock star lifestyle envisioned as a “minor national hit in 1979 or so”. The song is full of sunny chords and catchy choruses, giving truth to the title of their upcoming LP. Easy listening!.


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