Best New Independent Music This Week: Bartees Strange, Claud


Indie music has grown to include so many things. It’s not just music that comes out on independent labels, but speaks to an aesthetic that deviates from the norm and follows its own quirky heart. This can take the form of rock, pop or folk music. In a way, that says as much about the people who are drawn to it as it is about the people who make it.

Every week, Uproxx rounds up the best new indie music from the past seven days. This week we received new music from Bartees Strange, Perfume Genius, Claud and many more.

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Strange Bartees — From farm to table

Since the release of his first album in 2020 live foreverBartees Strange has soared to the limelight – and his ambitious new album From farm to table show why. The concise 10-track effort cuts through an eclectic mix of musical genres, from its hip-hop-inspired flow on “Cosigns” to pop-punk-inspired guitar chords on tracks like “Mulholland Dr.”

Perfume genius — ugly season

Perfume Genius returns with a dazzling album ugly season this week, which was written just weeks after her 2020 LP Set my heart on fire immediately. One of his most collaborative works to date, which also includes an accompanying dance film Pygmalion’s bad season, Mike Hadras created intoxicating atmospheres to layer his floating vocals over tracks like “Pop Song!” It also includes several mostly instrumental woozy numbers that show off its experimental side.

Nova Twins — Supernova

British duo Nova Twins, consisting of singer/guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South, have released their long-awaited stadium rock album Supernova. Named “the best band you’ve never heard of” by Tom Morello, Nova Twins prove their hype is well deserved with 11 electrifying tracks featuring heart-pounding electric guitars, distorted bass and confident, direct lyrics.

Caregiver – Bathe in yesterday’s fire

Sacramento Caregiver songwriter breaks boundaries with second album Bathe in yesterday’s fire. Filled with lush stories and harrowing reflections on identity and relationships, the album is a cathartic folk-rock exploration of femininity and the modern condition.

Claude – “Go home!”

After making a name for themselves with their buzzing debut album Super Monster, Claud shares the energetic “Go Home!” as their first single of the year. With cascading chords and their earnest lyrical delivery, “Go Home!” is a sunny ballad that arrives just in time for summer. “‘Go home!’ it’s about falling into this hole of feeling awkward and uncomfortable in your own skin that all you want to do is go home and slip into what’s familiar,” Claud told about the single.

The Beths – “Silence Is Golden”

Unfolding a new musical era around their recently announced project Expert in a dying field, New Zealand band The Beths share their propulsive track “Silence Is Golden”. One of their most heartbreaking tracks to date, “Silence Is Golden” combines thrilling hooks and fast riffs, showing off the band’s polished songwriting.

MICHELLE – “Song of the Sea”

The New York collective MICHELLE has unveiled its project After dinner we talk about dreams earlier this year, but that wasn’t the end of the band’s new music. Now sharing new music ahead of an upcoming tour, MICHELLE releases the never-ending dreamy song “Sea Shanty.” With ethereal synths and a creeping beat, the song is described by the band as “a waking dream or a nightmare, the song features the calm before the storm – the moment before a journey, the moment after a realization that gives reflect”.


Announcement of their fourth studio album Provisionspost punk band Concerns drop the discordant “Ricochet”. The song’s dark new-wave inspired chords are mirrored by equally dark lines on destruction. The dark lyrics make sense, however, as vocalist Matthew Flegel explains, the track is about “the world blowing up and nobody gives a fuck”.

Julia Jacklin – “I Was Neon”

Continue to previous his next LP Pre pleasure, Julia Jacklin shares the melodic and bewitching title “I Was Neon”. Featuring driving guitar, the song opens up space for Jacklin’s unique voice to shine. “I first wrote ‘I Was Neon’ for a band called Rattlesnack, a short-lived, much-loved side project in 2019 in which I played drums,” she said in a statement. “I rewrote it for my album in Montreal, at a time when I desperately yearned for a version of myself that I feared was gone forever.”

Dry Cleaning – “Don’t Hurry Me”

British band Dry Cleaning have released one of our favorite albums of 2021, and they’re already planning their next release. Upcoming project announcement Filling, which is due out in the fall, Dry Cleaning is releasing new track “Don’t Press Me.” Interwoven with raucous chords and singer Florence Shaw’s deadpan delivery, the song is imbued with an understandable amount of existential desperation.

Black Midi – “Men Eat Men”

Prolific and experimental British trio Black Midi are back with another heady track, the rock and flamenco infused single ‘Men Eat Men’, out next month. Hellfire LP. The song, like most Black Midi music, is very conceptual – it tells the story of a couple’s quest to defeat a militaristic mine captain over a multitude of anxious instruments.

Whitney – “True Love”

After releasing their soulful third album Candid in 2020, Whitey is back with a shimmering new sound. With crystal-clear production and quietly shaking synths, “Real Love” is Whitney’s offering to transition to more pop sounds. The song points to their upcoming album Spark and was written last summer as they experienced the anxiety and euphoria of reopening the world.

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