Baalbeck Festival 2021 to spotlight Lebanon’s independent music community with streaming concert


The past and future of Beirut’s cultural scene are expected to come together in a special performance of the Baalbeck International Festival this weekend.

Scheduled to air on the event’s YouTube and Facebook channels on Friday from 5:45 p.m. GMT (8:45 p.m. EEST and 9:45 p.m. GST) #ShineOnLebanon will feature 10 independent music artists performing prerecorded sets amid several Roman archaeological sites in the Bekaa valley.

Locations include the Temple of Venus, the Stone of the Pregnant Woman, the Civic Basilica, and the Temples of Niha.

A new generation of artists representing the Lebanese indie music scene will take the stage, including Blu Fiefer, Postcards and the Makram Aboul Hosn Quintet.

For the eyes and ears

While the annual festival has been canceled for the second year in a row, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Baalbeck International Festival has migrated online, once again, to broadcast a concert in majestic settings.

In 2020, the festival produced the epic Sound of Resilience concert.

Performed without an audience in front of the temple of Bacchus, the sumptuous affair featured the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra, the choirs of the country’s Antonine University and the University of Notre Dame-Louaize, and the Qolo Atiqo group.

In addition to nationalist works by brothers Rahbani and Fairouz, the program also included works by classical musicians Beethoven and Verdi.

This week’s #ShineOnLebanon concert is all about laying the groundwork for the future.

“This initiative aims to provide a platform and visibility to the dynamic local music scene, by encouraging Lebanese musicians, singers and composers to showcase their talent and creativity,” the festival statement said.

Here are three acts to discover as part of #ShineOnLebanon:

1. Blu-Fiefer

The Lebanese-Mexican singer’s performance follows the release of her latest single.

Sint el Ew is a remake of Ghassan Rahbani 2000, with the vivid RnB styles that Fiefer is known for.

The self-made music video is mostly shot on an iPhone and features modern and archival footage of Beirut.

2. Postcards

A mainstay of the indie scene, the band released an album, 2018’s I will be there in the morning, three EPs and five singles.

Their hazy, psychedelic rock brand should be a treat in the evocative setting of their performance at Baalbeck.

3. Makram Aboul Hosn Quintet

Composer and bassist Makram Aboul Hosn to lead his band in the interpretation of works from his catchy new album Transmigration, which showcases the cream of Beirut’s jazz scene.

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When announcing the release in February, Aboul Hosn said: “The music you will listen to on this album is above all a representation of my way of seeing the world, and what I hope it achieves for you. , that’s exactly what he achieved for me: comfort, a feeling of love, oneness and refuge.

The #ShineOnLebanon concert of the Baalbeck International Festival will be broadcast on the festival site Youtube and Facebook from 5:45 p.m. GMT (8:45 p.m. EEST) on Friday July 9. More details on

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