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Rodney Jerkins (Photo: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

RODNEY JERKINS, JEFF FENSTER, KEN KOMISAR, CHRIS GOTTI, JAZMINE VALENCIA, DANIEL WERNER and DJ CLUE are among the record industry veterans who have joined AVENUEAR, an ambitious start-up that has just launched a delivery platform where Independent artists will have the unique opportunity to submit their music material directly to industry professionals, including key A&R executives, producers, publishers, music supervisors, managers, curators, radio DJs and top musicians in real time. For the complete list of all frames, click here.

Founded and created by entrepreneur, music veteran and inventor, JAY LEOPARDI, AVENUEAR has created a bridge for artists, songwriters and producers who have encountered a barrier from the refrain of “no unsolicited material” by all. record companies in the past.

LEOPARDI said, “Our cutting-edge technology and preparatory ‘music rating system’ enables independent musicians to enter into a recording, publishing and / or licensing contract more efficiently than ever before and allows executives to experience the best talents and equipment 24 hours a day. the independent label executives on our platform are hungry for new talent but can’t seem to connect with them until now, and AVENUEAR is the perfect platform for that ”.

AVENUEAR has combined its strengths with some of the best executives in entertainment that focus on various genres such as rap, R&B, hip-hop, pop, electronics, Latin, rock, country and more.

AVENUEAR has partnered with industry giant and award-winning plugins company GRAMMY WAVES AUDIO for their global launch. WAVES ADUIO is the world’s leading developer of audio plug-ins and signal processors for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets.

Another feature added to the AVENUEAR platform is data and market insights from CHARTMETRIC, with analytical studies including social media, radio and streaming.

Submit your documents now to www.avenuear.com.

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