Apple sues director of indie film ‘Apple Man’ to halt production of comedy action movie


Apple is suing indie director “Apple Man” in a lawsuit that opposes this trademark application for the title of the action-comedy superhero movie.

According to a report by Apple Insider, a Ukrainian director Vasyl Moskalenko has launched a Kickstarter project for his independent film titled “Apple-Man”, which follows the story of a superhero who can levitate apples.

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On top of that, the action movie’s main figure is also half-human and half-apple, thus aptly calling himself Apple-Man.

Apple sues indie director of ‘Apple Man’

However, Apple, the tech giant behind iPhones and MacBooks, frowns on the firm’s superhero title.

The manager of “Apple-Man” recently revealed that the iPhone maker has filed a lawsuit against him.

Apple is reportedly suing the creator of the action-comedy movie because some consumers may conclude that the “Apple Man” movie is “associated with, or endorsed, endorsed or provided by Apple.”

The lawsuit against the independent filmmaker spans 467 pages, which the Ukrainian director says is filled with legal speeches or “lawyer terminology”.

Response from the director of “Apple Man”

The ‘Apple Man’ director revealed the lawsuit filed against him by the tech giant in a YouTube video, according to MacRumors.

He later explained his side of the story on his YouTube video, assuring the Cupertino tech giant that the film had nothing to do with Apple’s products, such as iPads, iPhones and MacBooks. He pointed out that the film did not mention these products, “not a single word”.

Apple is suing the director of the independent film

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Apple is suing independent director ‘Apple Man’ over the production of the action-comedy superhero film.

The filmmaker further clarified that his next action movie is actually about the fruit apple rather than the iPhone maker.

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Call to Apple

The “Apple Man” director also appealed to the Cupertino giant, calling it the “Apple company.”

He said he recognizes the tech giant’s need to protect the image of its products and company. However, Moskalenko said his film had no intention of being associated with or leaving any negative connotations against Apple.

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On top of that, the director also said he was even willing to give Apple the final cut of the film for the tech giant to judge.

Moskalenko said iPhones in Canada in an interview that he might even have to use all of his Kickstarter money for the litigation, adding that “it actually looks like brand bullying.”

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