All She Wrote Books has been queer for over a month


Christina Pascucci-Ciampa, founder and owner of All She Wrote Books, keeps a few queer books from her bookstore. ~Mina Rose Morales photos

By Mina Rose Morales

All She Wrote Books has been a queer bookstore for more than Pride Month. “We are queer everyday 365 days a year,” All She Wrote Books founder and owner Christina Pascucci-Ciampa said with a laugh.

All She Wrote Books is an intersectional, feminist, and queer bookstore that carries historically marginalized voices across all genres. Pascucci-Ciampa describes her bookstore as safe, intersectional, and very strange.

Before becoming a bookseller, Pascucci-Ciampa worked in marketing communications for about 10 years. She wanted to be passionate about what she was doing for a career, so she decided to quit marketing.

Inside all the books she’s written.

Pasccuci-Ciampa was tired of seeing the same five queer and feminist books in neighborhood independent bookstores. She wanted to sell different types of books that were on the back shelves or not on the shelves of independent bookstores.

“I literally woke up at 2:00 a.m.,” Pascucci-Ciampa said of how she came up with the name of her bookstore. She grabbed her notebook and started thinking about different types of words and word combinations until she came up with All She Wrote Books. The name suits her because it suits her well. Pascucci-Ciampa still has the notebook where she created All She Wrote Books.

Her bookstore started as a pop-up bookstore on April 20, 2019. Pascucci-Ciampa has had several popups at Winter Hill Brewery Company, Boston Women’s Market, Juliet, and Bow Market in Somerville. Conversations about opening a boutique on Assembly Row began in January 2020.

In March 2020, Pascucci-Ciampa got the keys to his bookstore; however, she was unable to open the store due to COVID-19. She held an online bookstore until July 10, 2020, when she opened the doors of her bookstore but only by appointment.

“We’re more than just a bookstore,” said Stacey Piwinski, director of operations and programming. They host many events at the bookstore that speak to their values, according to Piwinski.

All She Wrote Books had its first Drag Queen Story Hour on Saturday, June 11, 2022, featuring Miss Bella Luna. On Saturday, June 25, 2020, they will host their comedy show Queer as Jokes which features local queer feminist comics.

Pascucci-Ciampa’s work isn’t always glamorous as some might think. His workday is filled with the duties of owning and running a small business. However, she enjoys conversing with her customers and helping them navigate the pages of the books she sells.

The books in his library are constantly questioned by society. “It is our great task to make these books available to the public,” Pascucci-Ciampa said.


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