Alessandra de Rossi creates her own independent music label


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Alessandra de Rossi is a chameleon. She can do romantic comedies, horror, drama, and even fantasy.

Would it surprise you that she is following the path of Sofia Coppola, whom she admits to being an inspiration, not only writing and directing, but also composing her own film?

Music, after all, is passion and love.

“I used to go to the old Tower Records and Music One in Glorietta and buy a lot of music CDs, including bands that weren’t traditional,” de Rossi said of his love for music.

De Rossi recently announced that she is setting up AWOOO Records – for A World Of Our Own – with Filipino-German singer Hya and Southern California singer-songwriter Alfa as her first talent roster.

Both artists are women who represent the kind of strength that de Rossi wants to maintain. She said she would be looking for artists who have distinct voices and styles that are worth showing off and, if possible, that stand out internationally.

“She looked like an angel and my world stopped. I knew in my heart that this girl, if given a chance, could be someone new singers can admire, ”de Rossi said of Hya (or Lee’Anna Weber Layumas), whose impressive lineup and the talent for soothing melodies impressed the actress.

His first single singing “Raindrops” arranged and co-produced with Nick Lazaro for La Balls Studio, is AWOOO’s first single.

Alfa is a trained multi-instrumentalist who turned to music early on, eventually releasing three albums, one EP and taking top honors in the global category of the John Lennon Songwriting Competition in 2020.

While de Rossi is keen to promote her young stable of artists, she admits to being shy about her personal music.

In 2012, she released an album called “Adrift”, under the Lilystars Records label of Orange and Lemons, Clem Castro. The music she released was electro pop, a genre that wasn’t even that big back then. He was born from his love for chill out music and the Café del Mar series with a lot of atmospheres.

“Meron ba nakinig,” she asked with a hint of disbelief. “Music is just an expression of his thoughts and what I was listening to at the time.”

Although it may be ahead of its time, this genre of music is once again popular.

However, AWOOO is about its artists.

“It took 20 years for people to actually believe in me,” said de Rossi, alluding to his slow but steady rise in film and television. “I hope God will bless me with the right people, so that I can serve these artists and they don’t have to wait that long to be heard and understood. But it’s not just about women, is it? If there are male artists that I like, I will help them too.

It also affirms how great she is as a true artist. She has shown what it means to be true to herself and now she is also extending it to artists through her label.


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