8th Annual Jerome Independent Film and Music Festival



Welcome to the Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival; A festival that takes place in America’s largest ghost town. The Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival is one of the most original film festivals in the world. Just ask Moviemaker Magazine, which chose the festival as one of the 25 coolest film festivals in the world in 2017.

We are daring, unexpected and always looking for ways to surprise our guests! Every year, we search high and low throughout Jerome to show independent films in the most unexpected places. We screened films on a train, in a haunted gold mine, inside vineyards, inside surprise residences on top of a hill, in the basement hall of a century-old high school. and inside rustic buildings throughout Jérôme. We don’t show any movies in real cinemas because we magically create every cinema from scratch.

We’re Arizona’s most ambitious and passionate festival and we have a lot of new thrills up our sleeve for our 8th edition this year which features the Wicked Wild Cinema Train, Hilltop Home Movie Stroll, Starlit movie screenings. , a French bohemian market, the Mad Hatter private event, and the Ultra Mystérieux and Ultra Exclusive-The Dark Egg event.

Get deals on his super cool event on the website under the ticket tab.

We look forward to seeing you all on the hill very soon. Guests who arrive immediately become family members and return every year. Join us for the eighth year!


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