8 Christmas Songs from Indian Independent Artists for Festive Cheer


“For Christmas” by Zaeden ft Natania

In collaboration with singer-songwriter Natania, crooner and producer Zaeden enlists Aakash Ravikrishnan and David Burris for a smooth and laid-back new song, inspired by reggae, called “For Christmas”, in which two protagonists plan to meet for the holidays.

“A Wonderful Christmas” by Isaac Koshy

The Mumbai artist brings out a shimmering rock ‘n roll riff and a touch of punk energy with his groovy new track “A Wonderful Christmas,” complete with clapping beats and anthemic style.

“Another Christmas in Bandra” door Starring Vanya

Dropping festival-themed singles for a few weeks now in what has become an annual tradition, Mumbai artist Vanya Creado aka Starring Vanya delivers fanfare and cheers with a dose of hyperlocal lyrics on “Another Bandra Christmas,” featuring intelligent voices and Latin rhythms.

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” by Bindu Subramaniam and Rohan Solomon

In keeping with what is an annual season collaboration tradition, New Delhi singer-songwriter Rohan Solomon takes a Christmas classic and finds a new collaborator in Bengaluru-based singer Bindu Subramaniam performing “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”. a simple acoustic pop duo treatment.

“Dear Father Christmas” by Kimberley Rodrigues ft Christine Dessa

Brought to you with an endearing 2D animated video, New Delhi singer Kimberley Rodrigues channels her background in musicals (and help from keyboardist Christine Dessa and production from ace singer-guitarist Dhruv Visvanath) for an adorable call to travel the world with Santa Claus.

“Acoustmas (Oh My Dear)” door MoAnanda

Indian multi-instrumentalist and producer Ananda Dhar-James and St. Maarten-born singer-songwriter Moana Avvenenti – together as MoAnanda – released “Acoustmas (Oh My Dear)” as a lush Christmas song , assisted by a string section, which includes only a sprinkling of tinkling sleigh bells, and more than one comforting holiday song.

“Amazing Grace” by Arunaja

Picking a classic that demands a ton of soul, Arunaja exceptionally soars on “Amazing Grace,” a version that is elevated by the Finnish Alva Church Choir from the city of Kuopio. Arranged and conducted by Ossi Jauhiainen, the sprawling instrumentation of guitar, organ, cello and drums makes for a modern interpretation.

“Silent Night” by Yush

Mumbai-based Yush has just released his debut single “Carbs (papi player)”, but he’s less of a loverboy and more of a backing vocalist on his modern pop take on “Silent Night”, featuring guest vocalist Roshni Iyer and production from Rahul Kannan.


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