3 independent artists I can’t get out of my head


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Despite my intention of listening to classical music to help me focus while studying, I’ve been tapping into my playlists of independent artists and can’t seem to get some of their songs out of my head. To try to get these artists out of my head, I’m going to share them with you!

Aurora ─ “This could be a dream”

AURORA is a Norwegian singer best known from Frozen II“Into the unknown”. AURORA is the human embodiment of a hilarious and adorable elf, and I have nothing but admiration and adoration for her. I first listened to AURORA in middle school, obsessed with her song “Winter Bird” and her weird voice. AURORA is one of the few artists whose voice I would say is really an instrument. Even in her first albums as a teenager, she was able to meticulously move and control her vibrato to achieve incredible notes. His last album, The gods we can touch, uses wonderful allusions to Greek mythology that are both intriguing to someone interested in mythology, but also relatable to someone who can look beyond those details. “This Could Be A Dream” has been stuck in my head lately.

Djo ─ “Understanding you”

Djo is a group led by the stranger things actor Joe Keery. Honestly, I discovered this band by just looking for Joe Keery on Spotify out of curiosity. His band’s rock has a psychedelic and synthesizer sound. Besides the plethora of instruments that Djo uses in their classic rock headbangers, I really love the chord progressions in all of their songs. There is a depth of emotion conveyed by the experimental adjustments to Djo’s voice that heightens the meaning behind his witty lyrics. “Figure You Out” from Djo’s new album, DECIDE, has been playing in my head non-stop for the past few days. I would highly recommend listening to Djo on a long car ride or for a workout.

Skinshape ─ “I didn’t know ─ extended”

Skinshape is an artist I discovered on one of my guilty pleasure shows, External banks (please don’t judge me, I was craving summer). Previously a guitarist and bassist for other bands, William Dorey is a British musician who now creates his independent music. His use of guitar and bass is just mesmerizing. On his first two albums, Oracolo and Life & Love, his sound had a dark western tone. “Left with a Gun” and “Don’t Call My Name” perfectly illustrate this aesthetic. Despite the somewhat haunting and slow nature of its acoustic sound, the percussion helps keep the rhythm steady and engaging. I have to say my favorite song is “I Didn’t Know ─ Extended”. If you need a mental break or a few tunes to study, I highly recommend giving it a listen.

Whether you like niche indie artists or are just looking for new music, I hope you listen to these musicians!


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