2022 Booker Prize Longlist: 13 books announced


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  • The Booker Longlist (13 precursors to the prestigious Book Prize) was announced on July 25, 2022.
  • The 2022 list contains the shortest book as well as the youngest and oldest authors ever nominated.
  • Find the full reading list of the 13 must-have books of the year below.

The Booker Prize, one of the most prestigious prizes in the literary community, is awarded each year to the best novel written in English and published each year in Ireland and the United Kingdom. For months, a panel of multidisciplinary experts read and re-read 169 submissions in search of the most inventive, incisive and unforgettable books of the year. The resulting long list is a treat for anyone struggling to find a new book to dive into.

Before the Booker Prize Foundation shares its shorter list of six favorites (September 6, 2022) or the winner of 2022 (October 17), it publishes its long list – the 13 precursors to the “Booker’s dozen” of the year . In recent years, the jury has rewarded virtues such as innovation and experimentation in form or unusual genres and new authors.

This year’s long list includes books by top three authors (“Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies”, “Nightcrawling” and “After Sappho”) as well as the shortest book (“Small Things Like These”) and the youngest (Leila Mottley, 20) and the oldest authors (Alan Garner, 87) to ever be nominated. American and independent publishers also topped the 2022 Booker Prize list; six of the nominees are from the United States, with other writers hailing from Ireland in Zimbabwe, and eight of the books are from independent publishers.

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The 13 books on the 2022 Booker Prize long list:


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