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July 26, 2022, 4:55 a.m.

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Dwyer Murphy, An Honest Life

Dwyer Murphy, an honest life

“Like the best black practitioners, Murphy uses mystery as scaffolding to piece together a world of fallen dreams and doomed characters.”
–The New York Times book review

Elaine Castillo, How to Read Now: Essays

Elaine Castillo, How to read now

How to read now offers its audience the opportunity to look beyond the simplicity in which we are too often spoon-fed in order to restore ourselves to chaos and complexity – a way of seeing and reading that demands so much more of us but offers more in return.
–Los Angeles Times

year of miracles

Ella Risbridger, The year of miracles

“…charming… Risbridger writes with sensitivity about grief: how it strikes at odd times, like going to the new corner store or deciding to make a favorite recipe, or, conversely, preparing (or ordering) food that Jim would have hated.”
–Ray awareness

the tablet of destinies

Roberto Calasso, tr. Tim Parks, The Tablet of Destinies

“A universe of blood, violence and magic… A vigorous rendition of a distant past.”

seven stories_gina berriault

Gina Berriault, seven stories

“Berriault writes true fiction… It deepens reality, completes it and offers us the happiness of knowing, for a moment, what we cannot know.
-The nation

invent the it girl

Hillary A. Hallett, Inventing the It Girl

“A formidable biography of a revolutionary 19th century British author and pioneer of sexuality.”

Kathy Kleiman, Proving ground
(Grand Central Publishing)

“In an engaging narrative in the vein of hidden numbersKleiman shares the background of each of these women as well as how they became part of a secret US military project.

Antonio Padille, Fantastic numbers and where to find them

“Conceptualizing the application of abstract mathematics in the real world is every teacher’s dream for their students, and Padilla makes it a reality.”
– American Scientist

Jon Raymond, Denial

Jon Raymond, Denial
(Simon & Schuster)

“Raymond is content with an intelligent vision of a not too distant future. The moral ambiguity at the center leaves readers with a lot to chew on.
–Publisher Weekly


Tay Tibble, Poukahangatus: Poems

“This talkative, seductive debut from a young New Zealand poet harnesses family history, Maori myth and pop culture residue to shape a gripping sensibility.”
–The New York Times book review


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