10 Black Love Books You Need To Read ASAP


2022 has been a huge year for romance novels. More and more, we see stories that most of us dreamed of.

Whether it’s because of the character, the tropes, or the story in general, romance books are finally getting the respect the genre deserves. Maybe it’s partly down to #BookTok or people noticing how big the romance community really is.

However, one area where romance books are still lacking is in dark love stories. Either way, now is a great time to recommend black romance stories. Whether self-published, independent, or traditionally published, it’s time for readers to show respect not only for these books, but also for these authors.

Although this is only a list of 10 books, there are thousands, if not millions, of black love books to get your hands on.

These first five noir romance novels were all traditionally published.

Let’s start with some traditionally published noir romance novels. These are books published by large publishing houses or “traditional” publications. The first has to be the one I haven’t stopped talking about and that’s Fake it till you bake it by Jamie Wesley. It’s about a fake romance between two co-workers who end up reaping different benefits until real feelings start to get involved.

Another that I have already mentioned is invoke love by Synithia Williams. It’s a small-town romance that follows a woman who recently lost her job and the local hottie who comes on a ghost-hunting adventure at her grandmother’s house. While she wants not to love him, sparks fly and it goes from there.

Still in the Harlequin theme, The woman he needs by Brenda Jackson is a spin-off series of hers, but it follows Garth who is to be married, and Reagan, his pilot and family friend. After Garth gets up, he invites Reagan to stay with him, which allows him to prove that she is the woman he needs, as evidenced by the title.

Next up is a Montlake publication that is actually part of Amazon’s publishing group, so I would consider it a “traditional” publishing house. In both cases, dig up love by Chandra Blumberg is the romantic comedy par excellence. This is a love story between Alisha who runs her grandfather’s restaurant and Quentin, a paleontologist who meets her after the discovery of dinosaur bones in her grandparents’ garden.

Although it’s a low heat romance, these two have such great chemistry and the author makes sure the two are fleshed out. Although it can seem a little busy at times, this book is great fun and perfect if you’re looking for some sweet romance.

Last but not least is the second book in a series but can be read on its own. The dating book by Farrah Rochon features a romance between a personal trainer, Taylor, and Jamar, the football player she’s trying to help get back into the NFL. These two agree to pretend to date to help each other out and of course some real feelings develop. This book is quite punchy at times, but if you can handle it, this book is a delight.

These next five love books are self-published black love stories.

I would be remiss if I did not include Christina C Jones on this list because she is my favorite romance writer. Her books are absolutely delicious. However, the best place to start is either her Wright Brothers series or the sisters of love series as they are all dark love stories and cover a wide range of tropes. They’re honestly short and sweet, so you get to see if his writing style is for you.

Still in the short theme, love by books by Te Russ is a romance between a literary agent and a bookseller. Although quite short, this book focuses on MMC’s dad with cancer if you can’t handle that. However, if you can, this book is steamy and fun while focusing on books and the publishing industry.

If you’re looking for a longer book, Shae Sanders’ have a strong desire to duo is exactly what you need. It’s a dark love story between a woman and the boyband she ends up staying with. It ends up being a relationship between her and everyone, i.e. a reverse harem. Honestly, this book is messy and sexy and just everything you need in your life.

Friends to lovers can be a difficult trope to write, but Going deep by Rilzy Adams will make you love it. This book follows two best friends, one a romance writer who can’t write and her best friend who she calls on for help. The two quickly realize that their connection runs much deeper than they imagined and the story goes from there. This one is super hot and steamy if you’re in the mood for it.

Last but not least, Heat by D. Rose is the ultimate comfort reading. This is a short novella that follows two co-workers who hook up once and can’t get enough of each other, but they’re hesitant to start a new relationship, so it’s basically them resolving their problems and come together. It’s also a great place to start if you’ve never read D. Rose before, as it has a pretty comprehensive reading list.

While it can be difficult to find traditionally published dark novels, the indie world is an entirely different ball game. Frankly, if you’re not getting recommended dark novels, you may have to choose who you follow. Either way, I hope you were able to find a new book or author to check out in this list.

What black love books are on your TBR? Be sure to share all your recs in the comments.


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